Maternity shoot at the Blue Lagoon, Iceland by Thuy Minh Hussey

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I've been following Sonia's journey on her YouTube channel Layoutline where she mainly vlogs about moving to Iceland and adapting to her new life. I was attracted by her fun filming style, her nice voice and her authenticity. So going to Iceland was also giving me the chance to photograph Sonia and her husband Ingimar, as they are expecting their first child. 

I always suggest to my clients to pick a location that has a special meaning to them. Initially, I was surprised that Ingimar would choose the Blue Lagoon. Don't misunderstand me, it is a beautiful location, with its black volcanic rocks and milky blue water. But it is also very touristic, so Icelanders tend to avoid it. But it all made sense when Ingimar explained that as a child, he used to swim there, and even when it was modernized into an ultra chic spa, it still remained as one of his favorite locations. He loved it so much that he took Sonia there on their first date, to impress her! I guess it worked because she ended up moving to Iceland later on. 

There is a park next to the spa, and that's where we shot at. It was a little tricky, due to the light changing as the sun would come out at times. But fortunately, it didn't rain, hale or snow like it did earlier that day (yes. All of that in the SAME day!). Sonia and Ingimar were a lot of fun to photograph, they are the type of people you want to hang around with. And the funny thing was, one of Sonia's viewers recognized her during our shoot! It was unexpected and a fun moment, something you can see in her vlog. You can watch it further below <3

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An outdoor engagement session at Chatham Manor, in Fredericksburg, Virginia by Thuy Minh Hussey

I love Ashlea and Eric, they are so perfect for each other, and it's been a lot of fun hearing about their wedding planning. And unlike a lot of grooms, Eric is actually quite interested in that too. Moreover, they're having a destination wedding, next year, in Turks and Caicos! How exciting is that?

But we decided to keep it local for their engagement session, by going to Chatham Manor. Wait until you see their adorable fur baby, Pac <3

A proposal at Chatham Manor by Thuy Minh Hussey

I have known Johnna for years, she is the owner of Twila & Co and we've worked on some projects together. I was so excited when her boyfriend Joey contacted me, explaining that he was going to propose to Johnna and asking if I could photograph that. We met at Chatham for a walk through, and on THE day, everything went as planned! Johnna was so surprised, it was awesome to be part of such a special moment in their lives!